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Pharmacovigilance helps life sciences companies Accelerate Processes and handling more than 100,000 case.


We have an extensive experience delivering end-to-end services in the area of Pharmacovigilance KPO.  Our PV KPO practice has rich experience of handling annual volumes of more than 100,000 cases. We ensure metrics-driven delivery of business processes from strategic global delivery locations across the U.S & India. This uniquely networked delivery approach provides 24 X 7 coverage as well as on-shore, nearshore and  offshore advantages. 

Our PV KPO Services include: 

  • End-to-end Adverse Event case processing: Case intake and triage, quality control and medical reviews. 

  • Case Analysis and Reporting (DSURs, PSURs, Aggregate, custom reports). 

  • Drafting PSURs and Addendum reports, generation of line listings. 

  • Appendices preparation and publishing as well as regulatory submission. 

  • Scientific Literature Surveillance. 

  • Reconciliation of PV database with clinical database. 

  • Population Studies & Pharmaco-epidemiology Assessment. 


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