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FSP removes the Burden of Employment and often Reduces day-to-day Management requirements.


There is a potential for increasing efficiency in outsourcing without compromising quality. At Agati, we have been supporting sponsors / CRO in this model since before it had an acronym. We understand the common hurdles in this model and how to avoid them. We have implemented a number of FSP models and can reduce your timelines and costs without compromising scientific integrity or quality. We know how to make FSP work.

The FSP model allows separation of core/non-core capabilities within your company allowing you to choose providers specialising in a discipline e.g. Statistical Programming, Biostatistics , Data Management ,  Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance.

Clinical Professionals’ FSP model additionally allows you to retain functional control, have confidence in staff retention, lower cost and allow greater flexibility.

This removes the burden of employment and often reduces day-to-day management requirements but has the benefits of strategic control and direct integration within functions of your business.


FSP Services offer benefits such as increased productivity, flexibility of workforce and cost saving. There is also an ability to work real-time, a distinct advantage over traditional full service CRO. Two examples are:


Scalability of Workforce

Within an FSP, you are provided with dedicated resources to utilize as you across therapeutic areas, studies and sites.​

Resource requirement can change rapidly up or down, and the FSP model is ideally suited to this. Should you quickly need to upscale , we have the largest clinical staffing division in India with dedicated sourcing specialists for delivering FSP talent to find the staff you need.

When staff numbers need to be decreased, FSP models allow clients to reduce resource simply effectively without HR or contract burdens.


Seamless Integration

Our FSP model will plug directly into your clinical  trial management system (CTMS) and other management systems rather than the traditional CRO model, whereby they transfer data at the conclusion of a trial. This allows you to collaboratively review data with us in real time during a trial.

We also operate a comprehensive performance scorecard control quality and productivity levels, ensuring all the monitoring is expedited as efficiently as possible.

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